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2014 Christmas season recap:

Special thanks to all the great churches, businesses and conferences that booked us in December of 2014. Ever wonder what it's like to be a part of The Panic Squad during the Christmas season? Here's a quick look at some of our events, and why we all gain weight in December. 

Christmas Season Recap


Panic Squad performance clips:

Audience As Sound Effects

Numbers Game

Freeze Tag 

Piano Cafe 

Mr Know It All



Outreach Promo Videos

Outreach Promo #1 (2:57)

Outreach Promo #2 (3:46)

Media Coverage

Feature on 100 Huntley Street



Videos from the road (i.e. stupid stuff we see and do)

Panic Squad Road Trip

Andrew's Epic Car Accident

Panic Squad Christmas Song

Men and their meat (what happens when there isn't enough food in the green room)

National Holstein Convention Dairy Club Handshake

2013 Laughopolis Ontario Tour Video

John's Lips vs. Caffeteria Cup

Guilty Pleasure

Ottawa Airport Shower

Brentwood Waffle House 

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