Corporate Testimonials

"The Panic Squad made this the highlight corporate event of the decade. Their hilarity brought many people to tears. Quick wit and clean humor made this a comfortable event for all ages and sensitivities. Their performance has been a catalyst for a new level of camaraderie and team building in the workplace."
— Kristian Martens, Practice Manager, Lynden Family Medicine

"Our quarterly, national conferences have an average attendance of 1,500 -2,500 people. Over the past 15 years we have hired comedians, authors, musicians, athletes and motivational speakers from both Canada and the U.S. The Panic Squad is truly one-of-a-kind comedy and truly one of the best-received entertainers we've ever had! I will hire them again and never hesitate to give them an enthusiastic refererence!" 

— Donna McBride, Function Coordinator, Concept West, Calgary, AB

"My standards were high. I wanted top quality 'clean' family entertainment that would make our Christmas program the best in our 25-year history...I don't remember an hour going by so quickly. Guests were amazed that The Panic Squad seemed to have the inside scoop on life at our corporation.. There was ample audience participation but no pressure was placed on anyone, and no one was publicly embarrassed. The Panic Squad can be described as creative, incredibly quick thinking and crazy! I laughed so hard and for so long that my jaw literally hurt by the end of the show...At the end of the evening, comment after comment verified that this year's company Christmas party was the best ever, thanks to The Panic Squad."
— Doug Adelstein, Manufacturing Manager, Lynden Door, Inc.

"I cannot remember ever laughing as much as I did watching The Panic Squad use their creative talents to entertain us.  Their spontaneity, ability to engage the audience and handle all kinds of suggestions speaks both of their professional training and experienced acting. It was a hilarious evening and one not to be missed. A definite 10 out of 10!"
— Nancy Scrambler, Executive Director, Crisis Pregnancy Centre of Vancouver

"On several occasions I have had the opportunity to see The Panic Squad in action.  Their impromptu comedy is quick, clever and clean. Many took the opportunity to thank me for bringing The Panic Squad to the program.  There is no concern of embarrassment, off-color jokes or individuals being offended. What a refreshing time to smile, laugh and participate when The Panic Squad performs!  I look forward to inviting them back again next year!"
— Ed Roddy, Vice President, Key Bank

"The Panic Squad performed for our state-wide Washington School Personnel Association Spring conference and did an outstanding job! Our group ranged in age from 20 to 70 and the entire group had sore jaws from laughing so much. It was especially funny to see how they were able to incorporate real life examples of members of the audience into their routine. I would highly recommend them for any group looking for fresh, clean entertainment"

— Darrell Heisler, Conference Chair, WSPA

"We just have to write to tell you that we were so impressed with your performance at our Fall Fundrasing Comedy Night. You are experts at your craft, and the level of clean comedy was superb. We also needed to meet the humor level of a wide range of ages. Your group provided that and then some. We still have parents, grandparents, and visitors tell us that they had a wonderful time, and that they had not lauged so hard in years! Really, that is not an exaggeration! Thank you for giving us such a light hearted evening."
— Teresa A. Stauffer, Administrator, Traverse Bay Christian School, Traverse City, MI

"Our corporate partners from all over the U.S. and Canada unanimously rated The Panic Squad as THE best part of our 3-day business conference.
— Brad Kuik, Director of Lean Transformation, Premier Agendas, Bellingham, WA