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Over ten years of peforming hundreds of successful shows across North America has given us some unique bragging rights. This isn't about ego. It's about confidence. Namely YOUR confidence in booking The Panic Squad for your next event.

Take some time to read our GENUINE testimonials from GENUINE clients who have experienced The Panic Squad first hand.

Below is a small selection of quotes we've received from minstiry events, corporate events, and simply some great fans. Click on the links to the right of this page to read some more authentic testimonials.


"SO. AWESOME. What a great night! It was so great to go as a family to a kid-friendly event where we laughed hard together. Love it.  To quote my youngest at the end...'Is that the end?? Awwww.... :('  I was thinking the same thing but she said it aloud.  Thank you guys, for what you do."

--Crystal Lenssen - Lynden, WA


 "We booked The Panic Squad for our Men's Retreat at Hume Lake Christian Camps. They had over 500 guys laughing non-stop for an hour with clean, and appropriate humor. The Panic Squad was very easy to work with and it was clearly evident that they have a real heart for ministry. The Panic Squad exceeded our expectations with their performance, and we would love to have them back."


-- Jason Knott - Hume Lake Christian Camps, Hume, CA



“No one makes me laugh like The Panic Squad does. Their comedy is incredible and they’re great guys with a passion for what they do. We always look forward to seeing them at the events we share.” 

—Tim Neufeld - Tim and the Glory Boys 


"Our quarterly, national conferences have an average attendance of 1,500 -2,500 people. Over the past 15 years we have hired comedians, authors, musicians, athletes and motivational speakers from both Canada and the U.S. The Panic Squad is truly one-of-a-kind comedy and truly one of the best-received entertainers we've ever had! I will hire them again and never hesitate to give them an enthusiastic refererence!" 

— Donna McBride, Function Coordinator, Concept West, Calgary, AB


If you want my advice . . . DON’T BOOK THIS TEAM . . . unless you want a really fun evening with no headaches! Just put these boys on stage, stand back and watch the magic!

The Panic Squad was a very professional team that made our first quarter bridge event a big hit. They involved the audience, included the pastor (at our request) and brought down the house. We had a full evening of fun and laughter and I HIGHLY recommend this team to your church or organization.

-- Keith Scarborough -Associate Pastor - Morning Star Church - O’Fallon, MO


“I have been bragging about you guys everywhere I've been. Your material was some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen - you guys are MUCH better than any improv programs I've seen on TV - and you kept it clean!  Way to go!  I am recommending you to my circle of friends and I hope you have a lot more invitations to perform than you can fulfill. Keep up the great work.”

-- Bob Russell – Bob Russell Ministries, Louisville, KY  --


"I just have to say, you guys are absolutely hilarious. I don't normally laugh at clean humor, but I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. I was bent over trying to make it stop.

-- Candice Gerzanich


"The Panic Squad does an amazing job of performing soul therapy. By using
 witty, quick, smart humor, they open up and tenderize the heart through laughter. Simply put, they are great. You should use them."

— David Nasser, Author and Speaker


"I have booked The Panic Squad for multiple events each year for the passed seven years and will continue booking them in the future. They are an energetic group of guys that God has gifted with the ability to convey clean humour with great enthusiasm. They are extremely well received by the audience...I am particularly impressed with their ability to maintain a high level of quality in their humour, in an extremely Christian manner. They adapt to a variety of age groups and do well in front of audiences ranging from several hundred to over 16,000. " 
— Mike Love, Extreme Dream Ministries, Edmonton, Alberta


"Just came from your show at Morningstar Church in O'Fallon, MO.  What a riot!  Sometimes we get so jaded from the filth that passes for funny, that we forget what REAL comedy is like.  My husband and I loved the show.  Laughed our heads off.  You guys are comedic geniuses in the order of Steve Martin and even Robin Williams (without the inuendo and raunch).  Quick thinking on your feet.  It's a real gift and you wrap it up and tie it with a bow and the audience loves it! Thanks for a great evening!”

--Toni Morris – O’Fallon, MO

"You were a huge hit! The students immediately connected with your hilarious comedy and improv. As the weekend progressed, it was awesome to see the way that you used that connection with the students to then share God's truth and love with them. I've been bombarded with letters and emails from students, parents, and youth leaders who are all praising the awesome job you guys did...My staff was blown away at your humility and your willingness to dig in and help whenever needed...your character and integrity were evident to all who were in attendance."
— Sean Meade, President, Stuck in the Middle, Andover, KS

"I don't know how you do it, but watching a man turn into a sheep while his wool is being cleaned by a narcoleptic brain surgeon with a vacuum was one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. Thanks guys!"
— Linda Mattos, Bellevue, WA


”Last night you guys were amazing...I laughed so hard I thought I was going to cry..and I think I kinda did sometimes lol. And it was awesome how it was so clean and it was still really funny, you really dont see that very much these days!..I hope Concordia invites you to come back soon!”
     -- Ashley Raber, Concordia University, Nebraska


"I was hoping the scene would be over soon so I could breathe again. I was afraid I might pass out! I've never laughed so hard in my life!"

— Shannon Demant, Goshen, IN


"Our corporate partners from all over the U.S. and Canada unanimously rated The Panic Squad as THE best part of our 3-day business conference.
— Brad Kuik, Director of Lean Transformation, Premier Agendas, Bellingham, WA


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