Ultimate Workplace Training Package

Shooting for a Hero plaque in the boardroom?


Combine a workshop with a professional improv comedy show. Our perfomance will get your company laughing like crazy. It's 45-60 minutes of absolutely hilarious, clean, improv comedy.

Then our team will spend time with your team breaking down why the show worked, and how it applies to teamwork and/or leadership in your organization. The connection points will be fresh and immediate and the take away potential is incredible. We'll also discount the package as a thank you for booking both the show and workshop.

Maximum impact and maximum value. You should get a raise for even considering such an event! 

"Our corporate partners from all over the U.S. and Canada unanimously rated The Panic Squad as THE best part of our 3-day business conference. 
— Brad Kuik, Director of Lean Transformation, Premier Agendas, Bellingham, WA

Panic Squad Hero Suit


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