The Improv Organization


Learning Effective Teamwork Through Improv Comedy

Mike With Briefcase


In improv comedy, momentum is everything. There is no time to hold a meeting or dissect a personality test. You just GO! What's key is knowing how to work as a team so you can succeed in the moment. 

The point of teamwork is to share ideas and responsibility to complete a task more efficiently, more effectively, and with greater personal reward than doing it on your own. 

The Improv Organization teaches your team to build trust and respect among leaders and co-workers. We help you understand the great importance of being present in each moment and  clearly understanding your team's goals and expectations. Finally, we equip you to generate ideas and work together at the speed of light. It's all about momentum.

The result is a team that runs faster and smoother without the speed bumps of fear and ego. Everyone understands their goals and effectively communicates their needs. Work is more fun and productive. Not a bad place to be.



“I was impressed that you were able to relate improv to teamwork in the workplace. I really enjoyed the interactive elements, and being able to participate while learning the importance of having a common goal and working together to achieve it.”

Leanne Krell -- Calgary, AB


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