Leading in Circles

Effective, Passionate Leadership Through The Lens Of Improv Comedy


Leading others in circles may not be great when you're lost in the woods, but it can be invaluable for leading your team and organization. In an improv scene, there isn't one person in charge, nor do we waste time taking a vote for the best idea. We all simply lead and follow at the same time, in the moment. Imagine effectively leading while following and supporting your team, who in turn, become leaders as they follow you. Leading in circles.

Learn how to clearly define goals and expectations. Discover the invaluable place following and yeilding have in strong leadersihp. Empower your team through transparency and effective communication.

We equip you with the tools to become a leader whom your team understands, respects, celebrates, imitates, and works hard for. Better yet, you will NOT have to walk barefoot across hot coals or scream weird mantras at the top of your lungs to achieve any of this.

We guarantee you've never laughed this hard while learning to become a better leader. 

Leadership Briefcase


“I really enjoyed your workshop, it was one of my favourites of the whole weekend. Using Improv to teach leadership is something I haven't seen before. Some take away points for me was that a leader follows as well as they lead, and is transparent. I have started to listen more to the input of others and also to let them know when I don't have it all together, so being more vulnerable to them.”

Katie Crews, Calgary 


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