Professional Development Workshops

We specialize in Corporate EnterTRainment. 

Yes, you read that correctly, no typos.

We are firm believers that learning important workplace skills and insights should be Fun and Energizing.

If you've ever sat through an off-site seminar with a presenter that sounded like the adults in Charlie Brown movies, and a presentation that needed to incorporate stand up and stretch breaks, then you know what we mean.

What about passion, connection and those "Aha!" moments that ignite new ideas and behavior? What about creativity, laughter, and collaboration? How about stretching minds and limitations instead of stetching your legs?

We call it EnterTRainment. Because it's real Training, and real Entertaining. 

...and because the name "Zumba" was already taken.  


"Our corporate partners from all over the U.S. and Canada unanimously rated The Panic Squad as THE best part of our 3-day business conference. 
— Brad Kuik, Director of Lean Transformation, Premier Agendas, Bellingham, WA

Workshop Briefcase


“Behind their hilarious antics the Panic Squad is hiding a set of finely tuned communication skills. In 4 hours the Panic Squad provided hands on training, customized content, and of course a ton of laughter. To this day our staff team is utilizing their teaching on a regular basis. Learning and belly laughing together has also created a team bond that has been a priceless bonus.”

Janice Miller – Communications Director, Langley Evangelical Free Church


Over 15 years of performing professional improv comedy across North America has taught us some fabulous lessons in teamwork and leadership. These principles are the cornerstone of successful improv. We have also discovered some incredible parallels between success in Improv and success in the workplace. Some key points include:

Trust, Respect, Effective communication, Setting Goals and Expectations, Generating ideas,  Leading with Passion and Transparency, Collaboration, Celebration.


We've fused our expert improv experience with key elements of Teamwork and Leadership to create some very fun, challenging and memorable corporate workshops. We use specially designed games and exercises, created to train improv actors, to provide a fun and engaing way to learn key elements of organizational success. Click each link to learn more.

The Improv Organization 

Learning effective teamwork through Improv Comedy.

Leading in Circles

Find out why following is sometimes the best way to lead. Effective, passionate leadership discovered through specially designed Improv exercises.

Corporate Workshop Twist

A blend of our teamwork and leadershop workshops.

Ultimate Workplace Training Package 

- A performance and workshop in one beautiful package.


“I have never seen such an amazing response to anything we have done as a staff.  You took us on a fabulous journey with your wit, humor and sincerity as we learned important communication skills. You made an impact and we will recommend your team to other organizations.”

Nancy Humphries – Abbotsford, BC


Thanks Panic Squad, you did an amazing job performing and training at our Annual Staff Meeting! You were hilarious (the tears gave this away I am sure), friendly and informative. Lots of employees reported that you made our staff meeting the best it has ever been!  Thanks for helping us to incorporate fun into our workplace and reminding us that laughter can be so motivating! This is so important in the “sometimes stressful” work we do at The Camrose Association for Community Living.  We look forward to having you back in the future!”

Robin Good - Camrose, AB


“Improv provided a way to experience what was being taught and made the material really accessible. The timing of the workshop was really key.  It has been part of how I now work as a team leader.  I try to validate my team more often, and to give serious consideration when they offer input.  I ask for input more often as well.”

Crystal Campbell -- Prince George, BC


"We booked The Panic Squad for the full meal deal including performances and a workshop over two days. The workshop on teamwork delivered a meaningful message in an effective way using improv and humour and was well received."

Jeff Linton - Alberta Bottle Depot Association



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