Corporate Comedy

The Best Choice in Corporate Entertainment... Guaranteed!

Imagine a super sidesplitting, totally tactful, professional show tailored specifically to your unique industry and organization. Add a full money-back guarantee and you've got an invincible event.

"Our corporate partners from all over the U.S. and Canada unanimously rated The Panic Squad as THE best part of our 3-day business conference."

— Brad Kuik, Director of Lean Transformation
Premier Agendas, Bellingham, WA

5 reasons to book The Panic Squad for your next event...

  1. We're funny. REALLY funny as in "I can't breathe" and "Oh my stomach!" When was the last time your organization laughed together like THAT? We're completely clean too. You don't have to worry about your most sensitive employee or client being offended by our performance.
  2. Our show is interactive. Improv Comedy is all about relationship. Your organization is part of the show as they shout out suggestions from their seats or join us on stage. It's a fun, easy way to make teambuilding a part of your celebration.
  3. We customize the show for your group. Pre-show interviews and planning ensure a unique show tailored to your organization. Enjoy the hilarity as The Panic Squad brings your industry, company leaders, and unique job scenarios to life on stage.
  4. We have an incredible track record. We've performed hundreds of successful shows all across North America, from local businesses to top Fortune 500 Corporations. See our Corporate Quotes to read genuine comments from past performances.
  5. We guarantee our performances. Our "Show Me The Funny Guarantee" is simple. If you are not completely satisfied with the success of your Panic Squad performance, you don't pay. No funny, no money. Booking an act for the first time can be risky. The success of the entertainment is often a major factor in the success of the overall event. As the organizer, you also have a sense of ownership in all this. It is personally important to you to put on a great event for your company. We understand. We want you to be as confident as we are that booking The Panic Squad is a great move.

"Our quarterly, national conferences have an average attendance of 1,500 -2,500 people. Over the past 15 years we have hired comedians, authors, musicians, athletes and motivational speakers from both Canada and the U.S. The Panic Squad is truly one-of-a-kind comedy and truly one of the best-received entertainers we've ever had! I will hire them again and never hesitate to give them an enthusiastic refererence!"

— Donna McBride, Function Coordinator

Concept West, Calgary, AB

Book The Panic Squad Now! Prime dates go quickly.

P.S.  Interested in some fresh, fun Professional Development? check out our workshops on Teamwork and Leadershiop through the lens of Improv Comedy. Boring isn't even in our vocabulary!  --  Panic Squad Pro D