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You have succeeded in reaching The Panic Squad Booking Page. Not everyone gets this far. It’s obvious you are serious about going to any length to create a fresh, fun, interactive event void of lameness.

No problem. We’re ready to mobilize a crack team of elite improv comedians to turn your next event into something spectacular.

Contact us NOW to learn all about how to make your next event a hit with THE PANIC SQUAD! Simply click the Booking Inquiry link to the right of this page, or call us now! 

Andrew Bright

P.S. While our screening process for this level of clearance is tougher than getting Chuck Norris to cry, there are probably at least two other people who have also managed to gain access to this very page, at this very moment. Are they thinking of booking The Panic Squad for the same date you are? Who will act first? Game on.

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