Why clean comedy? Why is excellence such a big deal to us? There are two short answers with longer explanations. 1) It's who we are and who we hope to be. 2) You deserve our best.

Let us explain...

1) It's who we are and who we hope to be.

We don't use The Force, weren't bitten by mutant spiders and don't have any bionic parts (though that would be cool). Our incredible comedy abilities stem from something larger, our relationship with Jesus Christ.  We believe that our ability to make others laugh is a gift from God. We believe that because of this, it's our job to honor God with the gift he's given us. Anyone who has seen a Panic Squad show knows that clean comedy can be funny. REAL funny. God gave the world joy, comedy, and the ability and desire to laugh. We feel the best comedy honors the one who created it in the first place.

Our faith is also why we are so passionate about putting on an excellent show. God asks us to give our best, in whatever we do. Because each member of the Panic Squad is a Christian, we take that call seriously. That said, we don't necessarily label ourselves as Christian comedians. Sure, we do a lot of ministry related events and love to share our faith with audiences when we get the chance. We also do a lot of events where we simply put on a great, clean comedy show. While we are not shy about our faith, we want to be known first as excellent comedians. If you strive for true excellence in whatever you pursue, then you earn a right to be heard. You have to build some sort of platform of credibility before anyone will take you seriously. We would never want anyone to book us simply because we are Christians. It's frustrating to watch "Christian" comedians put on a really lame show. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. We want you to book us because we are excellent comedians. We work hard to be excellent comedians because we are Christians. We never try to push our faith on anyone, but we know people are watching. That's why we don't spend a lot of time handing out Testamints, and instead put our energy into becoming the best improv comedians we can.

2) You deserve our best

Over the years we've all heard plenty of stories of great events gone wrong, of promising performers who take the stage only to embarrass the organization who hired them. Maybe the quality of the act  was subpar, or maybe the material presented from the stage was unexpectedly offensive. Either way, the damage was done. Other times the show may be great, but the entertainer was simply a pain to work with. Ever feel like you're working for, or around, and entertainer instead of with them?

We get it. When you book The Panic Squad, we see ourselves as an extension of your organization and/or ministry and are committed to a performance that enhances your message and reputation. We feel honored that you would invite us to be part of an event you are working so hard to create. We're not going to let lack of effort, or big egos blow it for you-and for us. Aside from a high-quality performance, we're simply nice guys who feel blessed to be doing our dream job, and who genuinely like people. Those who work with us appreciate the professionalism, character, and fun personalities that set The Panic Squad apart. Words like "refreshing" and "a joy to work with" show up again and again in comments from Panic Squad clients.