Why Not?

Okay, we'll admit it. There have been several times over our career when we've been booed when we announce we are doing a clean comedy show.

People expect comedians to be edgy in an innuendo laden, raw kind of way. When they hear "clean comedy" they automatcially go to the stereotype that clean comedy is lame comedy. Sadly, they are not totally wrong. That's one reason we're on a mission to change that.

So why don't we do dirty comedy? Why not dip below the belt now and then for some easy laughs? Think of the masses we could entertain! Why are we scared to be edgy? Why do we have to be so exclusive and only do clean comedy?

If you've read our "WHY?" page, you know that there is something much bigger that is driving us to be who we are and act the way we do. But it's more than that. We like a challenge, too.

In a sense, base comedy is a type of cop-out. Dirty comedy is easy, and it's guaranteed to illicit some sort of response. Most entertainers would rather have a slight chuckle or even a gasp over a gap of silence when they hit the punchline. As a result, many comedians resort to below-belt-comedy woven into their act to guarantee a response. But it's a cop-out. It takes more work and we feel, is more rewarding, to perform sidesplitting humor that is completely clean in content. The laughter is deeper, more genuine.

That's why we never worry about a few boos at the beginning of our show. Like we said, we like a challenge. Our mission, and we choose to accept it, is to win them over. So far we're been successful.  We love it when a boo-er becomes a fan!

As far as being exclusive, we would consider an act that you can't bring kids too, or that may offend a part of your audience as exclusive. Clean comedy is all-inclusive. We perform roughly 80-90 shows each year for diverse audiences ranging from National conferences and Fortune 500 Corporations to local churches and businesses. Not once have we heard, "That was great, but I would have liked to have seen some dirty humor". Rather, the most common comment we hear is, "that was refreshing." People are tired of being offended by routine, "edgy" acts. If you take good look at what the majority of comedians are doing today, we'd say performing a clean comedy show that is incredibly funny is pretty edgy. 

"I just have to say, you guys are absolutely hilarious. I don't normally laugh at clean humor, but I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. I was bent over trying to make it stop."

-- Candice Gerzanich