Russ Roozeboom

Agent Dossier:

Born and raised in Iowa, Russ joined the student improv team at Calvin College after stumbling into auditions while looking for his math class.  Good thing! After college, Russ joined up with River City Improv, an award-winning troupe based in West Michigan. He was discovered by The Panic Squad at a show in Lynden, WA while touring with RCI .  The Panic Squad recruited Russ and his exception improv talents, and pretty good math talent, in 2004. Russ also knows A LOT about cars. Come to think of it, Russ seems to know a lot about a lot of stuff. Maybe he’s smart or something.

Russ currently resides in Grand Rapids, MI with his wife Amanda and greyhound, Boo. Russ is pure comedy. He has an exceptionally quick wit and a rubber body that would turn Gumby green with envy.  Boo has a long snout and likes to sniff people.