Mike de Boer

Graphic - MikeAgent Dossier:

Mike is an all around acting machine, and he can sing, too. With a history in both improv and scripted acting, Mike does an excellent job creating exciting characters and building a scene.  Mike began his theatre experience in high school. According to Mike, he was a fairly introverted student, until he and a friend tried their hand at some acting and comedy. Like we all do when we find our niche, Mike excelled and says he really came out of his shell. He starred in numerous high school productions and ended up taking theater at the University of Victoria, in BC.

Following university, Mike decided he had to get a real job, but, "I just couldn't stay away." Mike ended up in productions at Vancouver's Pacific Theatre, and began taking improv workshops. The Panic Squad caught wind of Mike through Pacific Theatre, and began auditioning/training him. He reached elite agent status and joined The Squad in 2006.

Mike currently lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife Rebecca and daughter, Lilia. Coincidentally, Lilia was born on the same day, and only 15 minutes earlier, than Andrew's twins. March 19th  2009 is officially Panic Squad Baby Day.