Frank Nickel

Graphic - FrankAgent Dossier:

We heard about Frank before we met him or saw him perform. He was one of those guys that other people kept saying, "Hey have you seen Frank Nickel? He's hilarious! You should check him out." Before we found Frank, however, Frank found us. He was part of another improv team that was taking a Panic Squad workshop. When we did meet him, it all made sense. The oracles were correct. Frank is indeed hilarious. We quickly began the brutal training, brainwashing, and re-training involved to make Frank worthy of having the esteemed title of one of our elite Panic Squad comedy agents. He joined our force in 2008.

Frank started acting and doing improv in high school, and took further training at Simon Fraser University in BC. Frank is currently the technical director for Pacific Theatre. It's great to have someone who knows their way around the tech side of the stage as well as the performance side. While working at Pacific Theatre, Frank was given charge of their annual improv series, Side Show, where he plays as well. If you live in Western Canada, you've probably seen Frank getting hit in the head with a football, and other antics, for Shaw Canada commercials.

Frank and his wife, Karina, currently live in Richmond, BC.