Elijah Tadema

Graphic - ElijahAgent Dossier:

Elijah brings a fresh energy and extraordinary musical talent to the team. His improv songs and ability to play just about any instrument you put in front of him (including his mouth if you include beat boxing) has been a great asset to the Squad. Elijah claims he first began doing improv as a toddler, as a way to get out of spankings. He began doing improv legitimately with friends in high school. They would gather at Elijah's home and just start doing games from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?".

Elijah's first experience with The Panic Squad was also Elijah's first date. He took a young lady to see a Panic Squad show in Lynden, WA. We all think that was a pretty smart idea. Elijah began training with the Panic Squad a few years later. He reached Elite Agent status and officially joined the roster in 2003.

Elijah currently lives in Mount Vernon, WA with his wife Katie Brooke and children Delayne, Cliff and Harrison. When not performing comedy with The Panic Squad, Elijah can also be found performing some great music with his band, Into Light. Check out www.intolightband.com.