Dan Warick

Graphic - DanAgent Dossier:

Dann is Mr. Random Funniness. You never know what Dann is going to say or do next. One time Dann sang a song on stage and used numbers instead of words. Oddly enough, it was really funny. Dann got into improv while living in Southern California. He toured Hollywood Clubs for a while with a sketch and improv group called Center Stage, then later joined up with L.A. Connection, and the finally Ventura Theater Sports.

While Dann loved the acting, the competitive nature began to bother him "It was all about who might be in the audience, everyone had their headshots and resumes ready after the show." Dann wasn't into improv for his acting career, he just wanted to have fun.

After moving to the Northwest, Dann first ran into The Panic Squad at one of their shows. He actually ended up on stage as a volunteer. Dann began performing with The Squad in 2005. He currently lives in Lynden, WA with his wife Abby and fuzzy faced baby, Bella (their cat).