About Us



Our performance is very similar to the TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", and TheatreSports. We perform spontaneous comedy scenes based on audience suggestions and participation. We also perform a very clean show. Our goal is to perform a high quality comedy show that is all-inclusive and non-offensive.

A Panic Squad show is Fresh, Clean and Very Funny! Our crack team of comedy agents are on a mission to prove that comedy can be clean AND exceptional. It can be wholesome AND ridiculous-crazy-funny!

Improv is like no other form of entertainment because it’s all about relationship. From the start, audience members are shouting out suggestions from their seats and even participating on stage. Ever notice how, when something really strikes you as funny, you automatically look to the person next to you to see if they caught it too? It’s human nature to want to share a laugh with someone. Only with improv, do you get to actually create the laughs together. Only with improv is the audience as much a part of the show as the actors. We all create, we’re all geniuses, and we all win. The energy and relationship of an improv show cannot be found in any other form of entertainment, and The Panic Squad has mastered the art of clean, improv comedy like no one else.

For over 10 years The Panic Squad has successfully performed for hundreds of churches, conferences, businesses, and top Fortune 500 corporations across the United States and Canada. Reference letters consistently note that The Panic Squad exceeded expectations in every aspect of the experience. Both on the stage and off. That’s why such a high percentage of Panic Squad clients bring them back again and again.

We guarantee it, too. Our “Show Me The Funny Guarantee” that comes with every show is simple. If you are not satisfied with the Quality or Content of our show we will refund your full fee. No funny, no money! Hiring an act for the first time, especially comedy, can feel risky. It’s a no-brainer for us that we’ll do the job. The rigorous comedy training, brainwashing, and shock therapy each Panic Squad Comedy Agent goes through to become the incredible improv actor they are is second to none. We want you to be as confident as we are that the show will be a fantastic success!